The annual Galaxy S(X) is possibly one of the largest phone launches every year, it’s been happening at Mobile World Congress since the Galaxy S5 was announced in 2014. In 2019 we’ll again be seeing the Galaxy S10 in February, but there will be a new 5G powered version, as well as their foldable phone coming in March.

The dates are via Korean news agency YonHap News who have said their sources are telling them that the Galaxy S10 (no fancy X here) will be unveiled in February. They’re also calling Samsung’s foldable phone, which was finally shown off last week, the Galaxy F.

According to YonHap, the Galaxy F will be priced at 2 million Korean Won – that’s about $2449 AUD – with production of the foldable phone limited to between 100,000 and 120,000 units a month according to another report earlier from ET News, though Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong-jin told YonHap News that shipment volume is expected to be at least 1 million units.

Despite the March release date, we may be seeing it sooner with YonHap News advising Samsung intends to showcase the foldable phone at Mobile World Congress.

While the Galaxy S10 is getting a 5G variant in March, that additional network capability will not be extended to the Galaxy F foldable phone.

The foldable phone is unsurprisingly expensive, which will obviously put it out of reach of most consumers – including many who are willing to fork out in excess of $1,500 already for some top end phones. It’s fast reaching the point that even as the most used computer in your life, over $2,000 is just too much for a phone – even with the added option to use it as a tablet.

Source: YonHap News.