When we reviewed the Razer Phone 2 in November, we labelled it an excellent phone that missed the mark. Primarily, this was around pricing, and questions around whether the Razer Phone 2 solves an issue that actually exists.

Razer have not only addressed one of those concerns but also managed to make it a far more attractive proposition at the same time.

The price drop from $1249AUD to $899AUD on the Razer store, JB Hifi or on a plan through Optus really does make it a very attractive phone to buy.

It’s quick, reliable and solid in all senses of performance and physically.

What piqued my interest again is the factory images and Kernel Source Code appearing online. This opens a whole new world for the Razer Phone 2. It can be a gamer’s happy place, but this makes it available to modders who want to change ROM or perhaps recover from a bad flash.

For those who are thinking about getting into mods, custom kernels etc the place to go is the XDA Developers forums, as there’s more information there than you can possibly imagine – just tread carefully to begin with as it can be a little overwhelming.

Opening their factory images and kernel source is a very smart move from Razer to broaden their potential market generally, but also from a perspective that their phones (although very good in their own right) have failed to make a significant impact on the marketplace so far – but with rumours of a Razer Phone 3 in the works, that may change.

How does the availability of images and kernel source code affect your buying decisions for new devices?

Source: XDA Developers.