Alongside the regular security updates which Samsung releases for its flagship phones, Samsung has snuck in some camera updates. In Germany, the April 2019 security patch comes with some camera improvements, as well as some software tweaks – setting a schedule for night mode, and the ability to switch between fields of view when taking selfies.

SamMobile reports that the field of view on the selfie camera is now a 68° field by default, but you can bring it up to 80° as needed with a tap on the toggle switch above the shutter button. Samsung introduced this with the Galaxy S10 line, and has been progressively bringing the feature to other recent flagship phones.

With the Note 9 now receiving the feature, it’s rumoured that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Note 8 might receive the update as well.

Courtesy of SamMobile

Surprisingly, the update does not bring a Night Mode feature to the Galaxy Note 9, which some had been expecting following the release of this feature for the Galaxy S10 range. It seems that this might remain an S10 exclusive feature for now.

Courtesy of SamMobile

The software update available in Germany has build number N960FXXU2CSDE; when it arrives in Australia it will of course be slightly different for regional localisation, but it’s possible it won’t arrive here until May 2019, in which case the build number might differ again.