The Chinese manufacturers are really pushing into other countries, with Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi clamouring for space in an ever competitive marketplace. Xiaomi’s smartphones have long been associated with being a bit cheap, but the company’s premier smartphones are far from cheap quality.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a classic premium smartphone by any measure – except perhaps by price – and if these specs are anything to go by, the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will continue that trend

Today, XDA Developers editor Mishaal Rahman has unveiled some specs said to be from the upcoming smartphone:

Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, this rumoured smartphone from Xiaomi is codenamed Hercules, and also should include NFC, a triple rear-camera setup, an in-display fingerprint sensor and wireless charging.

Frankly these specs are easy to make up; if you’re going to guess at what might be in a premium smartphone in 2019, these are pretty much your laundry list. If this source is to be believed, this is the best hint yet at 2019’s Xiaomi flagship phone, and we’re excited to see what the up and coming brand can deliver.


Source: Twitter.
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Am I missing something here, this has the identical specs with the Xiaomi Mi 9, which by the way has the highest ANTUTU ranking of any android.


The specs on flagships are all pretty much the same. It is the OS that defines the device for me. I don’t want another iOS clone and that’s why I love the OnePlus devices, their OS is brilliant.
You can add all the fancy crap you want on the phone but if I hate using it what’s the point.


For the Mi8 for the wife and OP6t for me last year. Mi8 was$150 less expensive. Find the OS a little frustrating but the pictures from the Xiaomi are next level compared to the OP6t.