When the OnePlus 7 Pro was released they also released a 5G version but only in selected European markets. Eventually it landed in China but has yet to make it anywhere else. That may well change with the next version coming later this year according to CEO Pete Lau.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Pete Lau has confirmed that the Chinese manufacturer will be launching a second 5G device this year and it will be available worldwide.

Lau stated that not only unit sales and increased steadily but revenue had also with their employee count doubling to 1700 recently. Their momentum is set to continue with a large emphasis on research and development. They’re now looking to target buyers looking to engage with 5G and he believes that:

If you want to be a premium phone in 2020, you have to be equipped with 5G technology

Given that for the last few years OnePlus have released a ‘T’ version of their mid-year flagship towards the end of the year it is possible that this new 5G phone will be one of the ‘T’ models released later this year.

What the difference between the ‘T’ models will be is unknown at this stage but you would expect all models to arrive with the newer Snapdragon 855+ and there to be a 5G version most likely as well as a 4G model.

Of course given the early time frame we expect to see and hear a lot more on these devices in the coming months where OnePlus’ ‘T’ strategy for 2019 will become clear. Hopefully that 5G version is compatible with our networks here in Australia so those looking to import can do so without having to worry about connectivity.

Source: Financial Times.
Via: XDA.
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Don’t care about 5G, do care about wireless charging.