When the Google Pixel 4 was first released, there was quite the stir caused by what seems a puzzling choice by Google to not require users eyes to be open. While this in itself isn’t necessarily a problem, it does pose some potential personal data security issues.

Particularly if someone you know – or not – decides to exploit it while you’re sleeping.

Naturally, Google reacted quickly and said it would be improved over time. That time seems to be almost upon us as you can search for “eyes” in the settings.

Spotted by an eagle-eyed Android Police reader, you can now see a feature sitting int he background. The only problem is following the link, takes you to face unlock and there is no slider to turn it on at this stage.

Having this code in the delivered OS version is a hopeful sign the update may not be far away. It’s far from a promise though, so Pixel owners you’ll just need to wait a little while longer.

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Peter E Gillespie

Be careful what you wish for. This confected issue affects about 2% of paranoid buyers. They always have the option of turning off this convenience. For the rest of us, unlocking the phone while wearing sunglasses is pretty handy.

Thank Goggle they seem to be making this security update optional. Sometimes the corporation has actually thought a bit ahead of the crowd.


That is probably a good thing , but maybe not for some of us squinty eyed old buggers 🙂 .