It’s almost time to get our first official look at what Samsung have to offer with their next devices. We know there are multiple devices coming, we know that is likely to include the Galaxy Z Fold 2. What we don’t yet know is the exact specs of some of these devices and — while it’s likely — whether they’re landing in Australia.

As we get closer to the event on the 6th (AEST), Samsung are drip feeding us more information through their Unpacked trailers and we now have the second one to analyse.

We get a fleeting, shadow riddled look at a camera array and hints at new innovations. In a surprise to no one, there’s no real details given here – it’s just a teaser.

Do you see any detail in the video that you believe we’ve not yet seen about the upcoming Samsung devices

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I saw another clip where they mentioned some of the specs for galaxy note ultra i think , and they mentioned power and the 865 snapdragon chip(no mention of the Exynos/mali ) , maybe the clip was from a region that normally gets the Snapdragon , i do not know , But wouldnt it be nice if samsung has been trolling us since the exynos/snapdragon saga flared up in recent months , and sammy put the snapdragon 865 in all regions galaxy notes ? I some how doubt it , but it would be nice get full beast mode in… Read more »


dunno why Mobile Phone companies are releasing more newer phones during this Pandemic when a lot of people have lost there jobs anyway