The OnePlus 9 Pro seems to have a bit of a problem with overheating. In our early testing, we hadn’t seen it, but as testing continued it has become apparent. Despite playing games on the device, as well as streaming high-quality video there were no issues with heat. Turn on the camera app though, and it’s a different story with the phone steadily heating up and rapidly draining the battery.

Looking for further information, it’s clear from a OnePlus Forum post that this isn’t just a small scale issue. There are suggestions that the processing load is related to the Hasselblad integration, doing real-time processing of the images. There are a significant number of comments on Twitter about the fact the camera causes rapid heat build up too.

To their credit, as part of the aforementioned post: OnePlus acknowledge the issue, have already (they believe) addressed it and are pushing out an update:

We’ve identified the underlying reasons behind the reported increase in temperature and already begun pushing out OTA updates to optimize the overall device temperature and improve battery performance. So far, the initial feedback has been positive.

The first OTA (build number was pushed out to our India users this week, and will be rolled out to North American and European devices by the end of this week. We’ll be following up with a second OTA to further improve the device temperature and battery in the coming weeks as well.

Our review unit has received the update this morning and it appears to have resolved the issue. In brutal honesty, this is a fault that should have been picked up before shipping the device. But well played to OnePlus in resolving it so quickly.

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One+ is an amazing phone: early software bugs generate news even though phone isn’t released in Australia 😏