TCL has been on a rampage over the last 6 months delivering device after device, in slightly different markets. That continues today with the announcement of three additions to the Move Audio range, a 10-inch tablet and a phone. The devices fit with the TCL affordability mantra while looking the part and delivering bang for your buck.

TCL TAB 10S 2022 – A family device for learning and entertainment

The Tab 10S 2022 is designed to meet the everyday needs of families at a reasonable budget. Coming in at a very affordable AU$399.00 it’s a financially attractive option. The specs land well in the area you’d expect from a 10-inch tablet at this price too.

The device carries:

  • 10-inch IPS 1200 x 1920 FHD display with NXTVISION
  • Octa-core chipset to cover those everyday tasks
  • 64GB storage – Expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Included: Stylus and Case for functionality and protection
  • 8,000mAh Battery capable of over 7 hours of streaming playback
  • Video call capable with a 5MP front and 8MP rear facing camera

TCL 20B Smartphone – Capability on a $249.00 budget

Of late, TCL has made a habit of delivering phones that tick all the right boxes. They’re capable, deliver the features and functions expected and they just work. The TCL 20B looks to add to that with a 6.52” HD+ NXTVISION screen running 20:9 ratio.

The 4,000mAh battery will last users in the target market all day, possibly two and 18W fast charging resulting in fast top up. The 64GB of storage (expandable by MicroSD to 512GB) and 4GB of RAM also catering to the entry level market. Driven by an octa-core processor the power draw from the device is relatively low while delivering enough grunt to meet user needs.

On paper though, we’re looking at a pretty solid camera, particularly at this price. The AI drive 50MP “ultra-sensing” camera carries a variety of capture modes you’d expect from more expensive devices. The post capture processing is said to enhance images, detect scenes and enhance visual impact through improved colour light and sharpness of the images.


Today’s device relase includes three new audio options:

  • MOVEAUDIO S150 True Wireless Headphones at an RRP of AU$69.00
  • MOVEAUDIO SOCL500 True Wireless Headphones at an RRP of AU$129.00
  • MOVEAUDIO S600 True Wireless Headphones at an RRP of AU$199.00

The range covers logical progression and higher feature sets as you move up the range from simple DSP on the S150 for call clarity, through to Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) on the S600. All three options are Bluetooth 5.0 so there are no concerns around audio lag during playback and are IPX4 rated.

Touch controls feature in all three as well. With simple tap gestures: Double tap to play, pause, pick up a call or end a call, and triple tap the left to go back a song, or the right to go to the next song. If that’s all too much effort you can trigger your chosen smart assistant and do it all hands free.

Perhaps the biggest point of difference between the three is battery life and charging. The S150 has around 3.5 hours of battery life (20 more in the case) and no noted fast charge capacity, The SOCl500 includes fast charge, has a total of 26 hours (6.5 on a single charge plus 19.5 in the case) and the S600 goes up to 32 hours of playback with the earbuds and case combined.

A great feature of the S600 is smart play that we’ve seen on competitor products in the past. When you put your earbuds in playback starts or resumes and pauses when you pull your earbuds out. It’s simple, effective and very welcome if you’re in an office with people visiting regularly.

TCL is sending a message to competitors, stay sharp or lose out. They’ve got options for buyers to set their budget, pick their features and pump some tunes.