Starting this July, Telstra has confirmed that its 5G network will be available to virtual operators and their customers. This increased network access most impressively includes the mmWave where we’ve seen the greatest potential speeds so far.

The problem, however, is that MNVO plans accessing the 5G services will be speed capped to 250Mpbs. While for many this will be streaming music to their ears, it still doesn’t reach the speeds that 4G is capable of. So it is possible that — upgrading plans to 5G is optional for the MNVOs — that some may simply remain on 4G for the cost and coverage trade-off.

Glenn Osborn, Executive, Sales and Wholesale Segment, Telstra Wholesale said:

In a break from traditional wholesaling, we are offering more value-added solutions than ever before. We know our wholesale customers have diverse needs for connectivity, and so we have developed a series of innovative new products to address these needs.

With names under Telstra as an MNVO such as Boost, Aldi and Woolworths it’s almost certain we will see 5G options quickly. With pricing yet to be confirmed — switch on is around 6 weeks away — just how competitive the options will be, remains to be seen. Personally, I’ll stick with the plan I have as it suits my needs perfectly but I certainly see the attraction of speed.

How does the availability of 5G affect your choice of mobile carrier?

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let them first open it to ALL its prepaid customer (currently only $60 recharge gets 5g).


Boost is already 5G capable as it uses the Telstra Retail network not the wholesale one.


Sorry no they aren’t. I’m with boost, no 5G. Checked their website, clearly says 4G only. They are different from the other MNVO’s in that they use the entire 4g network though which others don’t get


Re-read Adrian’s comment.

He says it’s capable, never said it was enabled.


Boost isn’t a Telstra wholesale customer – they use the Telstra retail offering. They are just a retail brand name. That they don’t get 5G is simply a service configuration decision.

Michael Hughes

More data at a lower price is required.