Yesterday we saw Boost Mobile add 5G services to their plans as a free trial until September 26th. Today, we’ve been notified that Telstra is doing the same for prepaid customers.

Thanks to Huy for the heads up, below is the SMS that is going out to Telstra prepaid clients now:

We’ve been told that the change is effective immediately once individual users once notified. Customers can expect to see higher speeds, at no additional cost:

From May 30th, we will be gradually rolling out a 5G access trial for all Telstra/Boost Pre-Paid customers. To remain eligible for the trial, you simply need to continue to have an active recharge. You will be notified by an SMS or email once 5G access has been added to your Pre-Paid service as part of this trial. Then, to access 5G, you’ll need a 5G compatible device and be in a 5G coverage area. You will not be charged for the trial and all other benefits of your service will remain the same.

The full details of the trial are available via the Telstra 5G site.

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Ahmad Kishani

the telstra 5G coverage is not that fast

we have full coverage in all Canberra

I tested S22 phone with telstra sim 5G and couldnt get over 50mbps

Daniel Narbett

In Melbourne I regularly get over 600mbps with telstra 5g (on a S20 ultra) – but I recently did a road trip over to WA and yeah some places have bizarrely slow telstra 5g!


+1 SYD here similar to MEL. Depends where you are.