Back in September, we got our first look at the AAWireless unit, a way to make most capable units wireless. From a personal convenience perspective, the concept is simple: it’s making life simple with no need to grab your phone out and physically connect it. There has been a lot of comments on it, soon we’ll know what it’s really like because they’re shipping to users.

Now, unlike the Prototype that one of our team had for testing, you’ll only need the app from the Play Store to guide you through setup and connection. This is important as it is also the way that the dongle will receive updates to ensure continued functionality in the future.

AAWireless for Android Auto™
AAWireless for Android Auto™

We’re excited to see the continued development of devices like this, as well as CarDroid which only needs an Internet connection to provide you a complete Android Auto experience.

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Paul Smedley

I’m looking forward to receive the two I’ve ordered.