It appears that HMD Global is keeping true to their word keeping their Nokia handsets up to date software wise, with Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas advising the entry-level Nokia 3 will be getting Oreo as the next update.

The Nokia 3 was released alongside the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in Australia in July, but the Nokia 3 has been slow to receive updates while the higher end Nokia 5, 6 and later the 8 all received regular updates. This will be remedied with a platform update to Android 8.0 according to Mr Sarvikas who tweeted this response to a query on Nokia 3 updates:

HMD Global is bringing the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 to Australia starting in late July

Unfortunately there’s no word on when this Oreo update will arrive, but the Nokia 8 recently started receiving its Oreo update so hopefully the rest of the Nokia range won’t be too far behind.

With HMD Global updating their phones quite quickly it certainly seems they’re great value for money and offer this additional benefit. At $199, the Nokia 3 is incredibly hard to go past as an entry level smartphone especially with guaranteed updates for 2 years.

Are you or someone you know using a Nokia 3?