In days gone by, Android was “officially” known by names relating to sweet treats carrying names such as cupcake, doughnut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread and honeycomb. Over time though, the codenames went from official to development codenames which — for some of us — was a bit of a disappointment but they have continued.

As we’re seeing on Google Source, the codename for Android 13 has been — seeming accidentally — leaked. For those of you who suffer from Triscadecaphobia, you can now call it Tiramisu instead of Android 13.

For users who aren’t aware of development lifecycles, this is a big eye-opener. It shows that while Android 12 is currently in Beta and the final release is coming soon, the next version is already being worked on.

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Phil, it wasn’t all that many Android versions ago, that Android was known by one sweet treat name during dev, and a different sweet treat name when officially released.
I definitely miss the days of Android having an official version name, as well as a version number.