Being a Google Local Guide has its perks. You can not only help people visiting businesses in your local area, but you get some tangible benefits as well, including an offer for online storage for 6 months with Google One.

The offer is being emailed to selected Google Local Guides now, offering access to 100GB of Google One for 6 months normally worth $2.49 per month. Clicking the redeem link in the email takes you to the Google One landing page for the Local Guides offer. You can view the terms and conditions for the offer, but essentially you’ll need a valid form of payment because at the end of the 6 months you’ll automatically be charged for the regular 100GB/month tier which costs $2.49 – though if you don’t want to, you’d be best setting a calendar event to remind you to cancel before it charges you.

It’s one of a number of perks you’ll be offered for being a local guide. Not a bad deal for simply uploading pictures, reviews and answering questions about local businesses you visit. If you’re a local guide, then check your inbox to see if you’ve been offered the deal as well.

I’ve not yet paid for Google One storage, but I’m looking forward to now checking out the Google One app now as well.

As pointed out by Nick below in the comments, if you’re new to Google One you also get a $7 Google Play credit when you sign up. Not a bad deal at all.

Google One
Google One
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google One Local Guides T&Cs.
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    I’m level 6 and got the offer, though I don’t know what I’d even use G1 for; I only use about 8gb of the standard 15gb Google space as it is; plus once you actually use enough of that space, you pretty much have to then continue with it :/.


    Thanks for this I would have not checked my Gmail but I see my invite waiting there.

    Daniel Gray

    No email for me yet, I’m only level 6.


    Level 6 Guide and no email/offer 🙁


    Same. I have been paying for 100GB for a while and looking at the comments below, existing paying customers are not eligible. Shame.

    Simon R

    I’m a level 8 guide and I got 2TB of storage for 12 months, plus the $7 credit. I didn’t pay for any storage before

    Simon R

    Text from my email:
    As a Local Guide, you can try Google One for free
    We know Local Guides love Google perks, and here’s a new one for top contributors: a free Google One membership for 12 months! You’ll get 2TB of storage to use across Drive, Gmail, and Photos, access to experts for help with our products and services, and extra benefits across Google. Plus, you can share the membership with up to 5 additional family members.
    Redeem with your unique link before December 28, 2018

    Philip Clark

    I’m a level 7 guide but apparently I’m not eligible because I already pay for Drive storage 🙁

    Phillip Malone

    Was affraid of that! Sucks to be a little customer!


    I got the invitation. No point as I have 1tb with Office 365

    Nick H

    Plus $7 credit when you sign in.