How well did you pay attention to the 2018 Year in Search announced by Google last week? Well, you can find out with Google’s Game of the Year which will test your knowledge on the year that was.

The knowledge quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions, with bonus rounds in between. You’ll be assigned points for every question answered right, and it appears the faster you answer the more points you get. Once you get to the end you’ll get a tally and the option to share your score on Twitter or Facebook.

The game is hosted by an AI powered by Google Cloud and WaveNet, Google’s text-to-speech technology powered by machine learning. When you enter your name at the beginning of the game the AI means you’ll get personalised encouragement throughout the game.

It’s a fun way to end 2018 and it’s worth a look. You can head over to to check it out.

Source: Google's Game of the Year.
Via: Google.