Dark mode is easy on the eyes and, more importantly for a lot of users, easy on the battery. So with the feature going system-wide in Android Q, we can expect that Google’s apps will lead the charge and steadily see updates to introduce the feature – Google Drive looks to be next on that list.

Found by an XDA regular in the latest APK, it can be enabled by enabling dark mode on the Android Q beta, and an apparently-hidden flag (although there’s been no specifics on that yet), it’s not a promise of delivery from anyone but let’s face it – it’s very likely at this stage.

This change – in version 2.19.112 of the app – stays true to the material design guidelines that Google themselves released and seemingly has minimal effect on the presentation aside from the light theme. It also brings Drive up to speed with other Google apps such as Chrome, Messages, Contacts and YouTube tha have already seen a dark mode update.

Source: XDA Developers.