If you’re invested in the Google Ecosystem then you’ll be familiar with the addition of Google Assistant to Messages. We got a first look at some of the potential during MWC, then recently notification of rollout starting. Now thanks to an APK teardown from Android Police, we’re seeing potential for deeper integration into Messages.

There’s a couple of interesting additions found as part of the teardown which will benefit a lot of users in a number of ways. Personally I’m really bad at checking SMS if I don’t see it go off. So the “hint about a reminder notification” is something I’m keen to see. Of higher interest is the deeper integration of Google Assistant into the messaging interface.

The extra options under attachments will give you the option to suggest local restaurants, movies or check (and share) the weather. All are very useful if you’re travelling, not in your own local patch or want to make a joint decision.

At this time, there are no reports of Aussies getting this update and sadly some of the functions shown may not be available to us yet. There’s undoubtedly more to come in terms of Assistant integration, so let us know if you find anything new.

Source: Android Police.
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That update is also live in Australia.

“Messages can now suggest recommendations to ask the Google Assistant about movies, restaurants and the weather.”