Many of us have been there, struggling to pay bills, eat while trying to maintain something of a social life. The reality is until you’re working full time and have been for a while, the struggle is real. Thankfully there’s a bit of pressure ease coming from Google who’ve finally extended their student discounts on Premium accounts outside of the USA.

Compared to the standard pricing, Aussie students can save a fairly significant amount of money across a year. YouTube Premium (including Music) will set you back $8.99 per month rather than the standard $14.99 per month – well worth the time to setup.

If you just want music, without the ad removal from YouTube you’ll be parting with $5.99 per month. That’s barely more than a cup of coffee and provides nearly limitless entertainment for the month. The offer extends to Australian and New Zealand students (along with a heap of other countries which can be found at Google’s YouTube Help page). While the offer has been available to Australian students for a while now it is worth noting the price discount now at a time when so many more countries have been added to the discount list.

The Google Australia Blog has further details. If you’re keen to take advantage of this, YouTube Premium sign up can be done here and YouTube Music here.

Will the student discount be enough to entice you onto a YouTube premium account, or does it need more?

Source: Google Australia.
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