Google maps is the go-to for many users when they’re navigating both familiar and new locations. Now to add a touch of convenience to the familiar destinations, Google has added a “go” tab which displays favourite destinations. As a single tap — rather than typing the location in — you’ll be set to travel.

The feature automatically lists your frequent destinations like the local shops, work, kids school or your family’s homes. Of course, you if you know where you’re going there’s no reason you have to use maps. But in the past, we have outlined why it’s useful to use maps to navigate even when you do know your way. The shortlist includes:

  • Live traffic – you’ll be redirected if there’s a major delay on your route
  • You’ll get an accurate arrival time based on live traffic
  • You’ll be warned if there’s an unexpected hazard on the road ahead

Maps have improved greatly over the last couple of years, now to a point where you’ll have similar data available for public transport. By identifying your regular travel routes you’ll get departure and arrival times straight to the Go tab.

The new “Go” Tab will be rolling out across major platforms (Android and iOS) the next few weeks just in time for the Christmas break. Will you be looking to “Go” anywhere during the Christmas break?