LastPass has been a popular password manager across multiple platforms for ages, but that may be about to come to an end. An upcoming change – clearly aimed at moving users to LastPass’ paid offering – will significantly reduce the functionality of the product, and is likely to simply drive people away to better, cheaper (or free) offerings elsewhere.

Starting from 16 March (i.e. in a month’s time), free users will only be able to use their LastPass account on their mobile device or their PC, but not both. Once the change is implemented, LastPass will check what device a user is logging in with:

  • If you log in with a Computer (which includes Windows tablets), your account access can only occur in future using a Computer device.
  • If you log in with a Mobile Device (such as Android and iOS phones or tablets) you’ll only be able to log in in future using a Mobile Device.

Free users will be able to change between Mobile and Computer access just three times, before their option is forever locked in.

Unsurprisingly, this significant change is pushing users away from LastPass which will become significantly less useful. With 25 million users, LastPass will undoubtedly convert a few free users to paid, but it will probably shed more of them as they search for a better (and probably free) alternative.

While there is some good news – users who simply use LastPass to access passwords between different computers will still be able to do so for free – the cross platform aspect is a big value point, and that’s now going away, along with email support for free customers.

What’s a good alternative?

Bitwarden seems to be gaining traction as a good replacement; for starters it’s open source and comes with a free plan that offers everything most users will want – unlimited vault items, cross platform / device sync, a secure password generator and the option to self-host (without any cloud dependency).

Bitwarden does offer paid plans, which add further features such as MFA, YubiKeys, emergency access and more, from just $1 a month, or $3.33 a month for family accounts (allowing you to share premium access with up to 6 users).

What password manager are you using, and if you’re a LastPass user, will you still be after March 16?


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I saw a post of OZBargin that I will share in case anyone missed it? Free 6 months premium access to Dashlane password manager (Never heard of them myself).
Even works on existing accounts. I can’t supply a link via this antiquated system, so just Google Dashlane and use code C8C77LR7.


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Thanks everyone moved from 1 pass to Bitwarden and it’s same same but no limits. Cheers


Left Lastpass today after they announced the recent changes. I’m now with Bitwarden and I must say, it’s a much better experience. I wish I’d switched sooner.


I was a user of LastPass for almost 10 years and for over half that time, I paid for a family plan, in an attempt to help my aging parents and parents-in-law. However, about 12 months ago I found that all my family had given up on LastPass as it wasn’t particularly user friendly – particularly for inexperienced users – and I was increasingly frustrated that it was not capturing my new or updated passwords. I tried 1Password because I got a free code for 6 months in a Humble Bundle. But after that went to Bitwarden and I have… Read more »


Very similar to you D J. I’ve been using LastPass for a very very long time. I find the experience on the web browser ok but the Android app and its inability to fill in a lot of apps has been infuriating for a while. Also, a whole lot of frustrations with the limited Windows fingerprint reader (long story!) too. And the LastPass dev team does not give a flying [email protected]# about Android. Haven’t added or fixed anything notable in years, at least that I have noticed. Same problems, same broken experience. Like you, I also experimented with 1Password (based… Read more »


I’ve been using LastPass for a good 5 years. I’ll probably keep the mobile free plan, but I’ve signed up to LogMeOnce. Not the cleanest app, but I might try BitWarden as well before settling.


I still use LastPass, paying for their Families account. It’s been a painful process to get my wife using it but she does now, so I think I’ll stick with it rather than going through that all over again with a new provider. The pain of change being greater than the pain of remaining.


Switched from LP to Bitwarden this morning. Have been using LP for 7 years I think. I used to pay for LP premium when it was 12 bucks a year. I would have thought that is a better price point than loose users to a strong competitor.


A very happy Bitwarden Premium customer here for the past 12-months, and paired with a Yubikey.


Just joined BitWarden to test. My family LastPass expires in May 2021. If BitWarden proves to be just as effective, I will be paying for a family account with BitWarden than LastPass.


I moved from LastPass to 1Password to Bitwarden. Been with Bitwarden for over 2 years ago and pay the extortionate cost of $10 a year for it too. It’s pretty decent. The only thing 1Password has which would be nice to have in Bitwarden is the “Large” button when viewing a password to make it much easier to read.


Been on the Bitwarden train for a couple of years now. I do not miss LastPass!


I use Lastpass, and actually paid for it a number of years ago until I didn’t feel like it was worth the cost at the time given their, and other provider’s free options. I’d consider paying again, but it just feels a bit wrong that they’ve built a massive free user base with an excellent free product, and are now trying to monetise them, rather than simply attracting users to the paid service with additional features that are worth paying for. If you read between the lines, it suggests they know their paid service is not competitive and are counting… Read more »


I use 1Password. Changed to that when LastPass put up the pricing substantially a couple of years ago (Forget when that was though).
The main concern with any of these things is them getting hacked and what data can be stolen. So I would stay away from the cheaper ones myself.


As soon as I read this, I changed straight away to BitWarden, and deleted my Lastpass account..


What this change will do is make it harder for them to attract new users.
People expect cross platform functionality from tools like LastPass, even when they’re only trying such tools out.


I use Lastpass, but will probably look for other options after March. Whilst I support their decision to monetise their hard work, I would have preferred if they offered one off purchase options where you can sync / save / backup your passwords in an encrypted file into your Google Drive, One Drive, cloud storage. That way, all they’re doing is selling the software to read an encrypted file – therefore no overheads and ongoing hosting costs (which is why the subscription I’m assuming)

M Mouse

But then they can’t milk you for $$$. Corporations exist for two things, and ONLY for two things; to make money for their stockholders and their Executives, and not in that order. ANYTHING a corporation offers or sells exists for those two things, they’re NOT there to be your “Friend”, or “take care of you”.


LastPass is making a money grab. I saw this coming when they got bought by LogMeIn, and it really sucks since I’ve convinced a lot of my older Clients to use LastPass and have spent years getting them up to speed on it.