Google Messages is continually getting updates and additional features and, it seems, there are more coming soon. The changes spotted by 9to5Google in their APK teardown show that Messages may be learning some new tricks from Gmail.

Currently swiping messages in your Google Messages inbox simply offers the opportunity to archive the conversation. The APK teardown shows that you’ll soon be able to customise the left and right swipes as you can in Gmail. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the feature will be enabled as it has to be forcibly enabled by the 9to5Google team to look at it.

The functions listed show only archive or delete at this time, but snoozing messages could also be on the cards if the Gmail; feature is anything to go by. If you choose to do so, you can also outright disable the feature to avoid drastic changes in workflow.

Aside from proper multi-device support, what features do you want to see from Google Messages?