We’re all living a connected lifestyle these days, with social media, emails, messaging, streaming and gaming being part of our lives. Each of these services is dependent on Internet connectivity for functionality, so when the service or your Internet goes down it’s a big deal. During 2022 some of the biggest platforms across the above areas were offline and it caused significant disruption to online life, and Downdetector has listed the 10 biggest outages of 2022.

It’s an interesting cross-section of services, and undoubtedly the timing of the outage also makes a difference to the number of reports:

  • Spotify peaked at just over 2.9 Million reports on March 8th
  • WhatsApp amassed just under 2.9 Million reports on October 25th
  • Discord came a distant third with approximately 1.1 Million reports on March 8th
  • Roblox had an outage in may with around 700,000 reports of access issues
  • Instagram and Twitter both had outages in July that resulted in 600,000 and 500,000 reports respectively
  • Call of Duty’s August outage reports topped 350,000 despite lower active users than the above platforms
  • Reddit had a brief outage in April, which resulted in over 300,000 reports during the two hour outage
  • Snapchat reports also topped 300,000 during its July outage
  • Finally, TikTok had nearly 300,000 US based users were unable to access the service for a few hours in September
    • The numbers are fascinating to see when compared to the scale of the platforms. With the timing and geographic location of some of the outages, not all of them affected Australia, but they’re still significant.

      How have these service outages affected you this year?

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downdetector is really a good website