Telstra has announced and launched its third generation streaming device, the Telstra TV, along with localised voice control along with no more lock-in Home Broadband plans for Telstra customers.

The third generation of Telstra TV is sleeker, smaller, and includes a new and improved wireless remote control with voice search, plus buttons for TV power and volume control. Telstra have said that the Smart Search function has been enhanced to enable users to use their voice to search for actors, TV shows and movies. Among several commands, users can also ask the Telstra TV to “Chuck on Telstra TV Box Office” to open the Telstra TV Box Office (formerly known as BigPond Movies) app.

Telstra’s Michael Ackland has said that over 1.4 million customers had added the Telstra TV to their entertainment set up since the first-generation Roku Powered™ device was introduced in 2015.

“Our customers can enjoy the best content from free-to-air TV, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan, Kayo and many other video-on-demand subscriptions all from the one device,” Mr Ackland said.

“We have now further enhanced the customer experience by adding a Wi-Fi remote with voice capabilities.”

“The new plans are another step forward in our commitment to introduce fully flexible plans, providing customers the choice to add the options they value to their service. This delivers cost certainty, flexible subscription options, and the freedom to upgrade or downgrade their plan within a set range on a monthly basis.”

You can watch a video explaining the new Telstra TV below:

No more lock-in contracts for Home Broadband plans

Telstra have said that from February 26, the company will offer new and returning customers two new Home Broadband plans:

Essential Internet Plan for $70/mth with 100GB of data and nbn25 (Standard Evening Speed, 20Mbps typical minimum speed between 7-11pm on the nbn network) (Min cost $385 if you stay for 1 month including $99 connection charge and $216 modem)

Unlimited Internet Plan for $90/mth with unlimited data and nbn50 (Standard Plus Evening Speed, 40Mbps typical minimum speed between 7-11pm on the nbn network) (Min cost $405 if you stay for 1 month including $99 connection charge and $216 modem).

Both plans do come with unlimited calls to standard local, national, and Australian mobile numbers and now include an allowance to make 500 calls per month to 13 numbers. All new plans come with Telstra’s Smart Modem Gen 2 and is included in the monthly price for new Telstra customers that stay connected for 24 months, or if you decide to leave within the 24month period, Customers simply pay out the modem if they leave.

For a limited time, Home Broadband customers that add a Telstra TV onto their plans ($9/mth for 24months, min cost $1995 inc Essential Internet over 24 months) will get a $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit to use in the app to stream up to 20 new release movie rentals.

There are the usual terms and conditions and you can find out more about these via the source link below.

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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Jarryd Howard

I just got a Vodafone tv for $72 and it lets me do what ever I want. 🙂


I bought one also and I am very happy with it.


Why not just buy a Roku ultra from like I did over a year or so ago for cheaper outright?


So I need to folk over $705 to get connected to the 50Mbps unlimited plan on a new house I’m building? :/

$90 first month
$99 connection fee
$216 modem
$300 new dwelling nbn connection fee

I’m not sure what Telstra is smoking to be honest but everyone should be looking at other fantastic nbn alternatives that are much cheaper, don’t have connection fees and either give you a free or cheap modem. The $300 new dwelling cost is unfortunately unavoidable but better to absorb on others RSP’s that are cheaper to connect to.



Telstra should concentrate on it’s core job of delivering zeros and ones to the customer.

Unfortunately, Telstra wants to get into showbiz as a content creator, which will always fail.