Optus Pay was a prepaid mobile payment service similar to Google Pay or Apple Pay. It allowed users to pre-load an amount up to $500 onto a digital VISA card, which could then be used to pay for goods and services using contactless payments.

However, with the growing popularity and availability of contactless payment solutions, Optus has decided that Optus Pay isn’t needed any longer, and has begun advising customers that it will be ending the service in August 2019.

While the service will stop working in August, users will be unable to reload their accounts from 6 June, leading to the eventual end of the service two months later.

For those users with a zero balance, no action is required; the account will be closed on 5 August and that’ll be that.

If you have money remaining, you’ve got until 5 August to either spend the money, or request that Optus transfer it back to your nominated bank account.

If you don’t have a linked bank account – and you should check – it’s easy to add one, just follow these instructions:

To link a valid new account, you will need to open the Optus Pay app and:

Select More…
Select Manage Facility
Select Linked Account
Select Link Now
Type in your BSB, Account Number and Account Name
Select Link

Optus Pay will then deposit a small amount of money with a reference number. Please check your account, though, it might take up to 3 working days for the deposit to appear.

After that you will need open the Optus Pay app again and:

Go to More
Manage Facility
Linked Account
Verify Now
Type in Amount and Reference Number
Select Finish Linking

Interestingly though, refunds can take up to 6 weeks to be automatically refunded. Should your refund not be returned to you by 16 September 2019, you can call the Optus Pay team on (07) 4694 9081 during normal business operating hours (Monday to Friday).

Optus have put up an FAQ page answering about the closure and the steps you may need to take prior to the closure and afterwards as well, so if your an Optus Pay user, it might be worth taking a look.

Source: Optus Pay closure FAQ's.