Prepaid mobile services are becoming somewhat of a battleground for the carriers. With wider coverage of public Wi-Fi and higher data allowances, users are demanding more bang for their buck. Telstra has answered the call with an online deal for their 150GB prepaid SIM reduced from $300 to $219 – a 27% saving.

The plan includes

  • 12 month expiry on all data and up to 200GB of data banking provided you recharge before the expiry date.
  • Unlimited call and text to standard AU numbers for 12 months
  • Unlimited standard international calls – See Telstra site for the available call destinations

The significant call and message inclusions show clearly that calls and messaging are now not the norm. In the case of Telstra prepaid, you’re getting predictable service, a cost you can bank on and with Telstra, apparently Australia’s best network.

The attractive quality of mobile plans is the data included and there are a lot of offerings out there for users who want to shop around.

What great deals have you found on prepaid mobile plans recently?

Source: Telstra prepaid online.