Yesterday Boost Mobile celebrated 20 years in an extremely competitive market with Peter Adderton, founder of Boost Mobile, commenting that as an MVNO they have outlasted some very strong names. He went on to reiterate that this is because they’ve not just provided a service but created a brand: their focus on storytelling, making consumers lives better and connecting them faster.

One of the areas that had further discussion is the performance of Boost in the local market. Adderton noted — without divulging exact numbers — that they have “well north of 500,000 subscribers” further detailing their quality and loyalty of subscribers.

Their ability to attract and develop loyalty was further expanded upon by their ambassadors Sally Fitzgibbons and James Courtney. Both have been working with Boost for a number of years, offering similar comments around Boost as a company and the strong relationship they have with not just the business but their founder. Courtney said “I know I can call Pete at any time and he’s there to help you through things. It’s not just a case of they sling you some cash and you chuck a sticker on the car.”

Boost provided solid insight into how and why Boost mobile has managed to remain relevant in a changing and competitive market. Adderton also let slip — without much detail — that there’s something big ready to crest the horizon from Boost. All we can say for now is watch this space.