Since around 11 am Eastern time, Optus customers have been reporting issues with regard to their data and phone services. This has continued for some time and in volume, showing it’s not an isolated incident it’s a widespread outage: Acknowledgement of the issue came from the Telco via social media shortly after the reports flooded in.

As we understand it, the outage affects the Eastern states and South Australia with WA and Tasmania, seemingly unaffected. Since the acknowledgement of the issue from Optus’ social media, no further updates have been provided. Although many users are getting responses to their please with reference numbers in the Optus service system.

The outage is having a particularly profound effect on those in Sydney who are still dealing with lockdown conditions. Many responses on social media pertaining to NBN connection still down hours after the initial outage. It’s worth noting some users are reporting their connections coming back online roughly 12:30 pm eastern, but this is far from universal at this time.

If you want to check the status of the Optus network in your area, head to their Network Status page and enter your suburb.

UPDATE: Optus social media has confirmed the issue is now largely resolved with only minor impact remaining for some 3G services.

If you’ve been hit by the outage, let us know how heavily your day has been impacted below

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Jamie S

Brisbane has been affected since 11am and still not resolved. The mobile network may Ben resolved but NBN is still affected.