If you look at the global situation right now, we’ve got it pretty good here in Australia. The biggest problems we face are political, or first world problems like Internet connectivity. Now that the NBN is “finished” and the push towards faster speeds is on, data continues to show improvement in speeds across Australia.

This continues the trend we saw with the March data which shows a small jump in speed from February. While this hasn’t yet resulted in a big gain in Australia’s global ranking, we’re now verging — only a few Mbps — on the top 50 globally for fixed-line services.

While our fixed line service continues to improve, our mobile services hold strong in the top 10. This is thanks to our exceptionally good 4G services and 5G speeds among the worlds best. I sincerely hope to see the trend of improved services continue into the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, given the fragmented connection options on NBN, I’m unconvinced.