Samsung Electronics Australia has released new research highlighting the increasing prominence of televisions in Australian households. Conducted by PureProfile, the study reveals that 60% of Australians rearrange furniture to avoid glare, with 46% unable to go a day without watching TV and 55% using it to unwind after work.

Simon Howe, Director of Audio Visual at Samsung Electronics Australia, emphasised the significance of TVs in daily life and introduced Samsung’s world-first glare-free certified OLED technology to enhance viewing experiences.

The study also found that 37% of Australians believe there is a “prime seat” to avoid glare, often leading to family disputes. With the new Samsung S95D OLED 4K Smart TV, designed for Australian conditions, viewers can enjoy improved colour accuracy and reduced reflections.

Additionally, 46% of Australians experience “TV envy” due to comparisons with others’ setups. Many wish they had purchased larger screens, especially for sports viewing, with 42% owning screens over 60 inches.

The report highlights that TVs are now used for more than just watching shows, with 55% using them to de-stress and 24% for listening to music. Samsung’s 2024 range of Neo QLED, OLED, and QLED TVs aims to meet these evolving needs, offering premium viewing experiences up to 98 inches.

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