Insta360 has unveiled the latest addition to its acclaimed GO camera series, the Insta360 GO 3S. Maintaining the compact form factor of its predecessor, the GO 3S brings significant enhancements, most notably the ability to capture stunning 4K video. This tiny, thumb-sized camera is packed with new features that cater to both casual users and content creators.

The GO 3S features several major improvements:

  • 4K30fps Video: With double the resolution of its predecessor, the GO 3S offers significantly sharper and more detailed video.
  • Interval Video Mode: This new mode allows for fully automatic, hands-free shooting, making it easier than ever to capture moments without manual intervention.
  • Apple Find My Compatibility: Users can now locate their camera using the Apple Find My network if it gets misplaced.
  • Enhanced Waterproofing: The camera is now natively waterproof up to 33 feet, ideal for underwater adventures.
  • Improved Accessories: From a Magnet Pendant to an Easy Clip and Pivot Stand, the GO 3S includes various upgraded accessories for versatile mounting options.

Weighing just 39 grams, the GO 3S is designed for portability and convenience. Its rugged, magnetic body can be worn for first-person POV shots or mounted in various creative positions using the included accessories. This flexibility allows for capturing unique angles that are challenging for larger cameras.

The GO 3S introduces the Interval Video mode, enabling automatic capture without user intervention. The new Instant App Preview feature (iOS only at this stage) sends notifications when shooting is complete, allowing for immediate editing. Additionally, the Insta360 app’s Auto Edit function can compile clips into a cohesive video, synchronized with music, making content creation effortless.

The Insta360 GO 3S is available for order worldwide starting June 13, 2024, through, Amazon, and select retailers. Prices begin at $399.99, with options for 64GB and 128GB models. For existing GO 3 users, the GO 3S can be purchased as a standalone camera starting at AU$429.99. The standard bundle (AU$719.99) includes the camera, Action Pod, Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip, Pivot Stand, and Lens Guard.

The Insta360 GO 3S is poised to be a game-changer in the compact camera market, offering powerful features and ease of use in a tiny package. Whether capturing family moments, travel adventures, or creative projects, the GO 3S provides a versatile and high-quality solution for all your filming needs. For more details and to order, visit the Insta360 official website.