The Cryptocurrency market has been a trending aspect in recent times. Every other investor is ready to shower their investments on this market. But, minting these tokens consumes a higher amount of energy. A classic case is that BTC mining requires high energy consumption. This is a huge issue in the Crypto industry which happens due to the PoW protocol of the Blockchain networks. Trade Cryptos, stablecoins, and other coins on the most trusted platform, Bitcoin Era. Anyone can trade and earn in cryptocurrencies with this platform.

After this, many new projects and existing ones are turning to PoS mechanisms. As this is eco-friendly and provides better services, PoS is way better in comparison to PoW protocol. In this blog, you will find the best options in green Crypto that are good for the environment and your portfolio as well!

Top 5 Green Crypto In The Industry

Apart from earning a decent amount of profits from Crypto investments, you should consider the well-being of the environment as well. These Cryptos help in cutting off the adverse influences that lead to global warming. Due to these factors, the projects are more sustainable too.

All these features lead us to talk about the best options in Green Crypto for 2022-2023! These Cryptocurrencies are-


This is the most revolutionary Crypto project and it’s at the top of our list. IMPT focuses on transforming the market of carbon credit. It is carrying on this goal of cutting carbon emissions by offering incentives to users and brands.

The major service of this platform is to streamline the entire procedure of achieving and offering carbon credits. This is their main step in fighting against environmental issues. It has a high chance of becoming one of the best ERC-20 coins out there as you can exchange these Tokens in terms of carbon credits!

You can use these credits which are in the form of NFTs in the IMPT platform. You can even opt to retire all the credits and remove carbon dioxide from the environment.


Ethereum, which is one of the most popular and influential coins in the market, is a green coin. It uses a PoS mechanism to cut off the energy consumption of the network. This open-source Blockchain network supports the feature of smart contracts, which helps be the base of many DApps.

After ETH converted into PoS consensus, it helped in reducing the carbon emission into the environment. The energy requirements of this platform have fallen by 99.95%.


This is one of the fresh releases in the industry and is our top pick for green Crypto. This platform follows a unique consensus due to which users consider it to be a Cryptowith maximum upside. This mechanism helps the Cryptocurrency to be the greenest one.

The creator of this Crypto has prepared a “Green Paper” which explains how this mechanism will help in reducing energy consumption.


This platform also supports smart contracts which help in hosting DApps. Though it may sound similar to that ETH, it focuses more on the decentralization of the web. Also, it is one of the best options in the industry as it is available for under 1 USD, making it affordable for everyone.

There are no middlemen in the process, due to which you can claim complete ownership of the content. Also, it uses less energy than 15 households in the US alone! With lesser consumption of energy, it is one of the best green Crypto in the industry that you can invest in!


Among the green coins, Polygon is also a notable mention. Also, it is now a prominent Proof-of-Stake token due to the design of this network as future-proof. It uses a PoS mechanism as well and consumes electricity of about 0.00079 TWh in a year.

If this amount is compared with BTC, then Polygon is in a much better position for the environment.


All these coins are best for investment purposes and are doing good for the environment too! These are known as green Crypto as they consume less energy. Also, they are working towards cutting down carbon emissions making it safe for the earth.