The Find My iPhone App is one of the most popular apps available today, but it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages before relying on it to locate your device.

With its widespread use, especially among those who own Apple devices, understanding how the app works and what comes with using it can help you make an informed decision about its effectiveness. Here are the pros and cons of Find My iPhone.


  1. Easy Setup: Setting up the tool is a breeze. Simply open the application on your device, log into your Apple ID account, and follow a few simple instructions. It only takes a few minutes to get started with this helpful tool.

In addition, you can set it up on your Mac as well by getting the app and tinkering with the device. Users also may connect the smartphone and computer to test things out. Learning how to connect and how to disconnect my iPhone from my MacBook, is relatively simple.

  1. Locate Your Device: One of the key benefits of having this app is that it allows you to easily locate your lost or stolen phone or another device from anywhere in the world via GPS technology. 

This will give you peace, knowing that finding a device is not that difficult.

  1. Remote Lock & Wipe: If you’ve lost or had your phone stolen, you can remotely lock it using this app so that no one else can access any sensitive information stored on it – such as banking credentials or passwords – while you work to retrieve it safely. 

You also have the option to remotely wipe all data from your device if needed so that none of your private information falls into the wrong hands.

  1. Sound & Message Alerts: This feature allows you to send an alert message or sound signal to anyone near your lost device in order to draw attention and hopefully get it back quickly without involving law enforcement authorities (although this is always an option).
  2. Low Battery Notifications: Another helpful feature of this app is its low battery notification which lets you know when your device’s battery level has dropped below a certain threshold so that you can take action accordingly, like charging or replacing the battery if necessary – even when not near your device at all times. 
  3. Share Location: Another great feature included in this app is location sharing which allows family members and trusted friends access to view each other’s locations when enabled via their iPhones for added security and convenience – ideal for keeping tabs on kids and elderly family members who may need extra protection against unwanted visitors or potential problems while out alone.


  1. Battery Draining Potential: While this app does offer many benefits and has the notification about energy consumption, there is also a downside – increased battery drain due to constant GPS tracking which some users report they have experienced since installing Find My iPhone App onto their devices.

However, turning off GPS tracking when not in use should help alleviate any issues relating to excessive power consumption because this application has constant location monitoring.

  1. Privacy Concerns: Some users also express concerns over privacy since they feel like their location could be tracked without their knowledge by others with malicious intent.

On the other hand, these fears are generally unfounded as long as proper security measures are taken (such as setting up passcode locks) and users remain aware of their surroundings when out alone in unfamiliar areas – just like any other personal safety precaution.

  1. Limited Functionality On Android Devices: The functionality provided by this application does not extend beyond locating lost iPhones.

Therefore, those with Android devices will not be able to take full advantage of all its features unless they switch over completely from iOS-based systems entirely – which may not be feasible for everyone depending upon their individual needs.


Overall, although there are both benefits and drawbacks associated with using the application, most users will likely find more advantages than disadvantages given its ability to quickly recover lost or stolen devices while providing peace of mind through low battery notifications and remote locking capabilities – plus all those useful “Find Friends” features too.

Whether looking for a way to keep track of family members away from home or simply wanting an easy way to locate misplaced devices quickly when necessary, the app can be a great tool to add to your security arsenal against theft or misplacement of expensive gadgets. Just remember to take proper precautions with regards to privacy and battery life when using this app for optimal results.