It wasn’t so long ago that most iGamers would use a PC or a laptop for their home entertainment. However, with the proliferation of phones amongst the global population, more and more people are now swerving desktops to play video and online games on mobiles. Times have certainly changed and online gaming is a multiple choice of merging features with colourful graphics that can now be packed into smartphone capability.

Suddenly, everything is possible and the crossover element of entwining different casino games to work in unison has resulted in a new hybrid game involving slots and bingo. It is a classic example of how the iGaming industry can literally put a new spin on traditional thinking to create new content for players from different genres.  They can then augment them with more interactive and immersive features. To amalgamate the mechanical bingo game with the fast and furious reels in slots has created a popular hybrid like the slingo games at Paddy Power.

How It Works

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Given that many of these slingo games have extra bonuses, creative gameplay elements and eye-catching variations, they are perfect for more smartphones that hold more defined resolutions and graphics. The trick with the most popular games is in their simplicity to play. Slingo is not just a case of spinning a wheel to get a potential full house by climbing up a ladder. The extra twists and variations like free spins, wild cards and super wild symbols all add to an experience that brings a unique variation that is bold enough in its own right.

Mobile Compatibility

Game developers are aware that the video game community is now playing online games on their phones en masse. According to Business of Apps, recent statistics show that mobile games account for 77% of revenue generation on Google Play. This shift may be partly due to data plans that are ideal for the transition from PCs to 4G or 5G phones. Players are moving away from hours spent on a PC or desktop because software development teams are now making these games primarily with the smartphone market in mind. Moreover, no third-party software is needed to run games like slingo on the phone.

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Gamers on the go can experience a more convenient way of playing, knowing that slingo will be adapted to their phone. Moreover, as mobile technology improves, the variations and experience will improve even further.

Slingo is proof that when a creation merges the popular slot format with the ‘full house’ features of original bingo, there is plenty of crossover appeal to an ever-growing audience. As people work remotely more than ever, as suggested by an article on ZDNET,  lunch hours can now be spent spinning on the wheel of fortune rather than sprinting to the queue near the sandwich shop.

Slingo has been formulated by taking the best aspects of two of the most popular games out there and incorporating that into a fluid game. It’s certainly created a new lingo in online gaming.