With Google preparing to release Android 15 later this year, they are also giving their mobile apps a new set of handy features. Users of certain Android models can opt into the beta versions of Google’s apps, including a newly improved Google search that includes more notifications than ever before.

Google’s Mobile Platform

Since 2016, most Google searches have been conducted using a smartphone over a desktop. That’s why the world’s biggest search engine continues to refine its mobile services and apps, as they become increasingly popular. In the future, mobile searches will become Google’s primary service, especially if speculative tech like wearables and MR technology go mainstream.

Online businesses also depend on Google’s search apparatus, as they rely on traffic from all sources including mobile. This means that every update or added feature can have implications for work, research or entertainment provided through the internet. Most of these business models depend on visibility in search, like iGaming sites appearing for online casino queries, for example. They also attract users with other activities like a daily free spin wheel and the option to get 50 free spins as a sign-up bonus. For a modern online business to succeed, it must combine proactive marketing with a strong SEO profile. Google ultimately decides the rules of search engine optimisation, so every change to its services is important for users and site owners alike.

In response to mobile search becoming dominant, experts have figured out the best practices to help sites rank on handheld devices. There are substantial differences between optimising for desktop versus mobile, which is why the field of mobile SEO was created. Google is aware of the influence they have over careers and entire industries through its updates, so they offer new features through an opt-in beta programme before full implementation.


Google’s New Beta Features

If you’re part of the Android ecosystem, you can access certain features before they get rolled out fully. That includes Google’s Android beta programme where you can receive new features for the OS before others. The most compatible device for Google’s beta programme is the Google Pixel range. For individual apps like Google Search for Android, you can log into your account and sign up as a beta tester to experience the latest features.

The new version of Google search – version 15.20 – promises to bring a new notifications system that has already been rolled out for desktop users. In the search app, there are typically three tabs at the bottom bar – Discover, Search and Saved. Discover suggests news pieces and articles based on your previous interests, while Saved stores pages you’ve bookmarked. Version 15.20 of search adds a fourth tab – Notifications.

This Notifications tab is indicated by a bell icon that stores alerts from Google. This doesn’t just focus on search and internet things, it also displays weather, flight information and other fancy features in one place. If you’re a sports fan, the Notifications tab can contain the latest score for an ongoing sports game, for example. If you’re more of a wordsmith, you can get a word-of-the-day notification instead.

In most services, notifications temporarily flash on the screen and then disappear. The new Notifications tab allows users to catch up on missed alerts and stay informed about everything Google and beyond. You can also dismiss certain notifications, tailoring your feed so you won’t get alerts related to things that don’t interest you.