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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Optus to launch the Motorola Milestone this month

Remember when we said that the Garmin A10 & Motorola Milestone would be heading to optus? And then when the Garmin A10 came to Optus? Now prepare to get your minds blown. It has come to Techanist's attention that Optus...

Motorola Milestone & Garmin A10 headed to Optus?

Now I'm as sick of the Motorola Milestone rumours as you are, but I think we might finally be on to something here, so bear with me. Lucas over at Techanist.com has a screenshot (after the break) of the...

Optus adds the Motorola Quench to its Android team

Now here's a device that has just popped up out of no where. The Motorola Quench or the Cliq XT has made it's way into Optus with hardly anyone noticing. Which probably isn't a bad thing, the last time...

Weekly Poll #2 results – HTC obliterates the competition in Aus

Which manufacturer do you think builds the best Android phones? Once again guys, thanks for voting. Almost doubled the amount of votes since last time, let's see if we can do that again! :) The general idea of this poll was...

Motorola DEXT – Review

I just got my hands on a Motorola DEXT, thanks to the good guys at MobiCity. So go check them out for some great deals on Mobile Devices! Let's get into it! The Motorola DEXT is a QWERTY slider running Moto...

Optus snatch the Motorola DEXT & Backflip

Motorola have announced this morning they will be releasing both the Motorola DEXT & Motorola Backflip. Both of these phones run Motorola's signature UI "Moto BLUR" & they will be carried by Optus (Available: April 7th). Optus have also renamed...

Optus to open the Android floodgates?

I just been hit up with some info that would confirm both the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & HTC Legend will be landing at Optus in the near future. Apparently Motorola will also be sending a few phones Optus' way,...

Motorola holding Media Launch in Sydney

Motorola will be holding a Media Launch next Tuesday (30th) Morning in Sydney. The invite shows only an image of the "MotoBLUR" Logo, which implies they will launch an Android Device running that UI. This then rules out the...

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