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Lifehacker: What’s your phone of choice? and why?

So the guys over at Lifehacker have a bit of a poll going, and I think we need to get over there and show...

Weekly Poll #4 — Plan lengths 50/50 – Everyone wants data!

What mobile phone plan do you prefer? && What length do you prefer on a plan? Thanks once again to everyone who placed their votes...

HTC Desire ‘Social Review’ — Day #12

In this post -- that will be stuck to the first page -- will be my thoughts on the HTC Desire I won...

Motorola Milestone & Garmin A10 headed to Optus?

Now I'm as sick of the Motorola Milestone rumours as you are, but I think we might finally be on to something here, so...

Telstra’s HTC Desire — Q&A / Requests

So a few people have contacted me for some extra stuff they want to know about the Telstra HTC Desire, so thank you to...

Update your Nexus One to Froyo — If you haven’t already!

As most of you may know, the official Froyo release for the Nexus One was found and quickly spread around the internet faster than...

Comparison: Xperia X10 – Desire – Nexus One

I have a few tests to go through with each of the devices (Xperia X10, Nexus One, HTC Desire), then you can come to...

Telstra’s HTC Desire – Review

Here is my review of the HTC Desire that I received from Telstra through their Social Review Competition. These are my thoughts, and my...

Weekly Poll #3 – Carrier Caps & Plans your number 1 source

How do you prefer to purchase your Android Device? Thanks to everyone who placed their votes in this weeks poll. It's good to see who...

Google gets a Froyo home delivered — Release imminent

There is no word more official than this ( ;) ) that a new Android release is about to be rolled out. Google has...

Crazy John’s to launch LG Eve on Prepaid

The LG Eve is in store at Crazy John's, but not yet on the shelf. So keep on the lookout for it in the...

WiFi Tether to be a part of Froyo

According to a recent post by TechCrunch, Android Froyo (2.2) will have WiFi Tethering included as a part of the actual OS instead of...

HTC Desire can install Google Nav & Google Earth — Telstra doesn’t want you...

As you can see above, the Telstra version of the HTC Desire can install and run both Google Earth and Google Navigation (Turn by...

In VIC/Melb? Want to express your views on ‘Open Source’??

Dale Dickins contacted me today to inform me of this years Software Freedom Day, and he wants some of you Android Enthusiasts to go...

Optus to launch HTC Legend early July?

One of our readers was today told by an Optus store manager that the HTC Legend would be coming to them in early July....

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