The Arlo Vidoe Doorbell is available in Australia and it’s a lovely bit of kit. Unfortunately — unlike the other Arlo hardware — a common complaint is it doesn’t work fully with Google Assistant. So the bell function works, but many Assistant commands don’t.

While for many users that’s not a major issue as they’re happy to use their phone or Alexa devices, this may be a deal-breaker for some. According to Engadget though, the issue has been fixed. You can now ask your Google Assistant to show you the front door and enjoy all the other Google Assistant commands.

The additional feature on the Video Doorbell brings it into line with their other recent hardware including the Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Ultra. We’ll be sure to test the feature set thoroughly when we get our hands on a review unit soon.

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does this mean,, if someone rings the bell, i will be able to see the video automatically on my google home hub display? or on my google assist in my phone via notification?

Phillip Malone

I have been hoping for the nest home door bells to come to Australia. I know you can get them but want them sold by Google here before I bought one!

Tim Wallace

Same here. I presume it’s because the Google nest hello hasn’t had it’s power brick CE certified for the integration with door chimes