Fitbit is a great way to monitor your activity levels and challenge yourself. As part of the continued improvement of the platform, they have introduced and kids device. The Ace 3 Special Edition: Minions.

The Ace 3 Minions looks cool offering interchangeable bands and has a fresh new Minion clock face that is interactive. Soon there will also be minion badges available for your kids to earn through activities and challenges. As well as the look, the device has many of the features that we — as adults — use regularly such as movement reminders. It carries a design that is “swim-proof” (water resistant to 50m), so splashes, showers and the rigours of daily kid life won’t break it. Fitbit notes that the device is built to withstand tumbles and spills, with a silicone band and bumper. Much like the adult versions, your child device will have up to 8 days of battery life from a single charge.

As a parent, it would be fascinating to know just how many steps a day my kids (particularly my youngest) take, keeping them engaged with activities and how active they are generally. A sentiment that Alison Ross Powers, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships for Fitbit at Google echoed:

Parents and kids love our Ace activity and sleep trackers for their engaging and motivating features that inspire kids to stay active and build healthy habits, Introducing Illumination’s Minions to the Ace family brings fun, new Minions inspired features that weave in even more personality and surprises into the Fitbit experience for families and kids, keeping them moving and happy alongside their favourite on-screen characters.

For parents: You’ve got a good level of control over the experience and data.

As a parent, you can view activity, manage your child’s app interface, manage friend requests and the challenges your child sees. This translates to a simple, easy to understand interface for kids that they can’t “break”.

The Fitbit Ace 3 Special Edition: Minions is available now for AU$99.95