Sonos is one of the biggest names in streaming music hardware, offering outstanding sound quality and more recently, smart assistant capable devices. They have also engaged with home living giant IKEA to create the SYMFONISK range of speakers, designed to blend into your living space.

The latest addition to this range is the SYMFONISK picture frame.

Exactly as the name suggests, the device is a picture frame sized speaker that connects to your Wi-Fi. It provides streaming audio to your living space without standing out as a speaker. The device has a simple, but very cool option of changing front panels — at $25 each — to the artwork of your choice to suit your home.

The only cable necessary is, of course, the power which could easily be run from a nearby power plug. The speaker is controlled within the Sonos app allowing full control of the speaker as a stand-alone device, or part of a bigger setup. This allows you to add even more capacity to your home audio, without taking over your living space with speakers.

Helen Longford, Home Furnishing Business Leader said:

The new WiFi picture frame speakers take the art of music to a whole new level. You can now create different sound atmospheres in your home, elevating each space to reflect a mood. The interchangeable fronts make it easy to choose a style that suits your home, that matches your mood or fits with an occasion.

If this is sounding like an investment you’d like to make: The New SYMFONISK picture frame WiFi speaker is available in Australian stores and online now, retailing at $299 each.