Australian B&O PLAY fans can now add a new member to their wireless home speaker family with the Beoplay M3 available for purchase today. If you’ve been scared off previously by the premium pricing of Beoplay speakers like the M5 ($849) then at $449 RRP the M3 may just tempt you into a purchase.

Clearly designed to fit seamlessly into a modern Scandinavian/Nordic style home, the Beoplay M3 is available in two colours: Natural (Grey) and Black, with yet unnamed seasonal colours to come.

In terms of wireless connectivity you can listen to music, podcasts etc on the Beoplay M3 via Bluetooth 4.2, built-in Chromecast audio functionality, Apple Airplay (Airplay 2.0 coming soon) or via Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5hz a/b/g/n/ac) to some or all of the B&O PLAY and/or Bang & Olufsen multi-room speakers you own. Wired connectivity is via 3.5mm headphone jack and MicroUSB slot.

Underneath the aluminium surface casing the Beoplay M3 contains a 3.75″ 40W Woofer and a 40W 0.75″ Tweeter which play audio in front of the speaker not 360 degrees around it. We look forward to testing it and letting you know how well it performs should a review unit become available.

Beoplay M3 will retail for $449 RRP. The before tax RRP is $US299 in the USA (equivalent to $AUS 390). Once you add 10% Australian GST the total is $429. A mere $20 difference is quite reasonable considering that the Australian population is 7.5% of the USA and retail staff get paid a lot more here.

Retailers for the initial Australian launch of the Beoplay M3 are Bang & Olufsen stores,, David Jones & Leading Independent HiFi Specialists. Accessory pricing is as follows:

  • wall mount for $74,
  • exchangeable wool-fabric cover $89 and
  • exchangeable aluminium cover for $89.