Sometimes we get well entrenched in our ways, even if they’re bad for us like just grabbing your laptop for 10 minutes on the couch. The COUCHMASTER CYCON by Nerdytec is a padded and ergonomic way to improve your posture while being productive and maintaining your comfort.

It features USB 3.0 ports to maximise connectivity and easy cable management for your peripherals. A single connection cable to your PC makes connectivity easy and minimises trip hazards. The design lends itself to improving your posture and maximising convenience by including pockets for remote controls and other devices you need to hand.

At the moment, you’ll have to hit Amazon to pick one up and at US$189.00 it’s not a cheap option. There’s a chance there could be direct shipping in the near future making it more affordable too.

Is a couch desk something you’d embrace in the work from home era, or is it purely for leisure and gaming?

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I’m looking at this, and thinking could you use this in bed? Wireless keyboard and mouse on the couch desk, PC hooked up to a big screen wall mounted TV in the bedroom.

The one design downside I can see, is there’s pockets, only on the left side support. There really should be similar pockets on the right side support.