After bringing split screen support in tablet mode to Chrome OS on the stable channel just this week, it looks like Google is moving to supporting split-screen Android apps in tablet mode quickly with the function now live in the Canary channel.

First discovered by Chrome Unboxed, split screen support for Android apps works similarly to how split screen for Chrome apps and the browser works now on the stable channel in tablet mode. Once you have a couple of apps open, simply hit the multi-tasking button in the lower right and then fling the apps to the left or right side of the screen. You can re-size the windows if 50/50 isn’t what you want.

Chrome Unboxed have produced a pretty good looking video showing how this works:

The feature works with both Android apps and Chrome Windows so you can mix and match if you want.

Chrome OS Canary is pretty unstable being even more bleeding edge than even the usually buggy Dev Channel so you can expect issues if you decide to try it out.

When it will appear in the Stable channel isn’t guaranteed, but the usual transition time from Dev > Beta > Stable is about 6 weeks between each channel. It looks to be pretty stable, so we can hope it doesn’t take too long, and with a number of rumoured convertible and tablet form factor Chrome OS devices rumoured to be coming you can be sure Google is pushing for this.

Source: Chrome Unboxed.