A growing number of leaks are appearing for the yet to be announced Galaxy Tab S7. Just a couple of days ago we got a first look at the device through Voice, they have produced a video render too.

While the video doesn’t give us much if anything more than the still shots offered in terms of details, it goes does give a holistic picture of the device. The look is consistent with previous renders as well as an evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range.

Will you be looking at a new or replacement tablet in the future, or have your needs now developed past the use of a tablet?

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I still make heavy use of a tablet. Even though three are near on 7inch phones now, their UX does not match a real tablet. So I’m someone who would replace a tablet, with another tablet. As for the S7 Lite, I really hope Samsung doesn’t short change the camera as much as they did with the S6 Lite. No LED flash makes a device’s camera not worth even attempting to bother with. Also, I hope Samsung resume including replacement S Pen tips with this tablet. Not including replacement tips has annoyed S6, S6 Lite and S7 owners. With those… Read more »


Chromebook replacement? Seems better with a bigger screen.