Saturday , November 18 2017


Huawei IDEOS – Review

Huawei IDEOS side profile

Huawei is a name that many consumers in the Australian market won’t recognise. In an entirely unscientific test, I asked a few friends – some nerds, some not – whether they’d heard this name and they just looked at me funny. However, according to Wikipedia, Huawei – founded in 1988 …

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Huawei IDEOS — Sneak peak review

While the full review is a little way off, here's a sneak peak of what's in store. The IDEOS is a diminutive 3G/HSDPA-capable Android 2.2-powered handset with similar form factor to the HTC Wildfire. It's small, easily fits in the hand - and while it might lack some of the hardware polish of a more 'name-brand' device, the IDEOS - as you will soon see - holds its own, especially considering the bargain-basement price of $159 outright on the Crazy John's network. It's quick, snappy, functional, and importantly, performs well as a mobile phone as well as a mobile data device.

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HTC Wildfire: A postscript

Ten days ago, I reviewed the HTC Wildfire for Android Australia. I’ve kept the phone for the intervening period to really push some of the features that had bothered me in the initial review to flesh out my opinion on whether the phone was a worthwhile purchase. In particular, these …

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HTC Wildfire — Review

The last twelve months has seen a real explosion of Android devices hitting the Australian market, and this has been especially true for Telstra – not five months ago they bought (in my opinion) the second best ever Android phone to market, and in the time since, they’ve also released …

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Galaxy S plan comparisons

Now that the Galaxy S is available on all the major networks, we thought we’d bring together all the cheapest/best plans for each carrier and compare them against each other, to see which plan would better suit your needs, as well as seeing which carriers are more competitive than others. …

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Gaming on Android

Gaming is certainly starting to pickup on android with developers such as EA Mobile, Gameloft making some awesome titles. Couple this with the TV-Out capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S, and you’ve got some fun on your hands. Hit ‘Read More’ to check out two videos that show the new …

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