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Gomo is no longer accepting new customers

Gomo, a mobile phone prepaid subscription MVNO sub-brand of Optus, has announced that it is making changes that users will see from 1 June 2023; we’ll no longer be offering our Gomo products to new customers. Gomo...

Motorola launches new razr devices and an edge device

Yesterday Motorola announced the launch of 3 new devices - Two new foldable Razr devices and a new edge device in Australia, with the company stating that each of the new devices blends style and premium...

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 14″ review — Power, performance and productivity but it’s not for everyone

Laptops are great, and, in reality, most people either own or have access to one. But there are so many options available with prices varying from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000.00. The specs and...

D-Link shows a router upgrade may be the right move with DSR-250V2 VPN Router

While the pandemic is over, a lot of us are still spending more time at home; including working from home. It's when this transition occurred that many realised their internet connection and, or their router just...

LASER affordable technology adds smarts, safety and warmth to your winter

Like it or not, Winter is here and the nights are getting colder. Not only that, the daylight hours are disappearing quickly too. So having some technology in your home to make it safer, smarter and...

Ring Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) has launched in Australia

Ring continues to develop and improve devices and, today, has launched the Indoor Camera (2nd Gen). Clearly, from the device name, it's an indoor device and not IP rated for outdoor use. It's also mains powered,...

amaysim EOFY sales offer some significant discounts

We recently reviewed the service and coverage offered by amasim -- running on the Optus network --, a good user experience. Depending on your needs, the deals offered are pretty impressive and this EOFY, the specials...

Ausdroid Reviews: Ring Doorbell Battery Plus – ring ring, why don’t you give me a call?

Ring has been around for a while now and is now part of the bigger Amazon parent. The Ring Doorbell Battery Plus has been revamped with the ability to now, with a wider field of view, an...

Synology BeeDrive is a tiny, lightweight mobile backup and data transport solution

When it comes to mobile data solutions, there are plenty out there. A new device from Synology has caught my attention though with a bunch of useful features, and physical specs that make it unnoticeable in...

BlueAnt’s new speaker is ready to rock any party

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a number of speakers from BlueAnt. The latest is the X6, a beast of a party speaker with capability to support microphone and guitar inputs. The Blueant X6...

Backbone One PlayStation Edition is now available for Android

Android gamers can finally rejoice as Backbone has officially announced the release of the Backbone One PlayStation Edition mobile gamepad, specially designed for Android, in Australia. Pre-orders are currently available in the country, with the product...

Cyber Acoustics DS-6000 Essential Docking Station hands on — A single connection and you’re ready for anything

Daily life can result in a chop and change these days, for many, there are multiple computers and laptops involved. For me, that involves a work laptop, my personal laptop and a desktop (recently including the...
person holding white samsung galaxys 4

Received an SMS Scam? Telstra customers can now report them to SCAM (7226)

SMS scams are nothing new, and they range from a mild annoyance to convincing scams that rip Aussies off to the tune of thousands. Starting today, users on the Telstra network can take an additional step...

Netflix has started the password sharing crackdown

It's been coming for some time, there have been tests in "limited markets" and now it's happening. Netflix has started contacting customers who are sharing their passwords outside of the family home. Unfortunately, what was initially...

BLUETTI AC180 Mobile Power Station Is Eager to Meet Australia

BLUETTI has released its latest mobile power station AC180 in Australia on May 15. With enhancements all around, including a 1,440W super-fast charging rate, 1,800W continuous AC power, and up to 2,700W lifting power, the BLUETTI AC180...

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