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Is Google actually going to show some love to tablets with new Messages features?

It's been a bone of contention for quite some time, but it appears that Google may be about to show some love to tablets. The APK teardown by XDA developers shows some work going on to make Google...

JBL Quantum 100 Headset review — A solid offering at a low cost

JBL makes a ton of audio gear and it spans across a huge range of options from portable and desktop speakers, to headphones and more recently into gaming headsets. Now the online gaming world is growing, so is...

Nextbase 522GW Dash Camera — Australian Review

I vaguely recall the first time I had a dash camera for any real length of time, and it was a long time ago. I've not really used them much since, except for a brief stint with a Garmin...

Review: Powerpal reveals real time electricity use and offers helpful cost reduction tips

Powerpal is a small Australian invented gadget that reads the flashes on your electricity smart meter and translates these into easy to interpret graphs on a mobile app that show how much grid electricity your home is importing, as...

HyperX Origins 60 Review — A miniature keyboard that’s great for gaming and works...

The HyperX Origins 60 gets its name from the 60% form factor; no number pad or function keys on this one. But don’t be fooled, the form factor is the only thing that’s 60% on this tiny keyboard....

Leak Time: A potential first look at the upcoming Google Pixel 6

There are very few secrets in the tech world any more thanks to the prevalence of, well... technology. It's far too easy to snap a picture, send it on and no one knows that's happened. In this...

Instagram now lets you add pronouns to your profile

Social media has a huge role to play in society these days, particularly when it comes to general communication and inclusivity. Instagram has joined the growing number of social platforms that now allow users to add pronouns to...
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Leak Time: Huawei P50 renders suggest the camera game just went up a level

It's really easy when you're on a winning formula to stick with what you've got. Instead of leading the revolution, sitting back and simply evolving with the pack. Huawei -- despite their issues over the last couple...

PSA: You have 3 weeks left of free Google storage

With every Google account, you get a small amount of free storage available. For many users that is more than enough to last them for quite some time. But if you're using Google Drive, Photos, Docs, Sheets...

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera Review — A focus on security while maintaining privacy

Arlo makes some great equipment for home security, it’s high quality, feature-rich and pretty affordable. So when they reached out to us to take a look at the recently released Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, the answer was a...

Nothing tells us… Nothing about their upcoming Ear 1 earbuds

When Carl Pei left OnePlus, many wondered what he would look to next until he launched "nothing". Now as the launch of their first product nears, Nothing has told us nothing about their Ear 1 earbuds beside the...

Amazon’s new generation of Echo Show devices are here

For many of us, our connected lives are getting more and more so. We stream media, we have connected devices and often rely on that technology. So the smart screen revolution from a couple of years ago...

Clipt is an easy way to get data between your PC and mobile

It's easy to get caught up in everything being on our phones these days, but the reality is many of us email or message ourselves to get data between PC and phone. It's that exact driver that brought...

Exclusive: OPPO promises Australians 3 years of phone security patches

At Ausdroid we lobby on behalf of our readers to try and encourage manufacturers to increase the useful lifespan of their digital devices. So it's good to hear that OPPO Australia has increased by 1 year it's recent promise...

Facebook Messenger hits 5 billion installs

If there was ever any doubt that Facebook has a stranglehold on the messaging market, they've hit 5 billion installs on another messaging app. Following -- Facebook-owned -- WhatsApp hitting the marker in January 2020, Messenger has also...

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