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Ausdroid is Australia’s award-winning independent media outlet covering all things mobile and personal technology. Ausdroid Media Pty Ltd is the business which owns and manages this website, all Ausdroid intellectual property and all the content you see on this website.

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Ausdroid, or Android Australia as it was known in the early days, was founded by Buzz Moody in March 2010 and was inspired by his love for everything Android. Since the site was launched we have gained popularity within the online community. Ausdroid is run by a big ol’ team of people, and supported by a variety of news sources throughout the industry and across the world.

Simply put, our team has been involved with Android from the earliest days. We’ve been there since Android Cupcake, and some of our team have used every single build of Android released through to the most recent builds.

We know Android, we love Android, and we think we can bring you the news best. We know you agree — our survey results and analytics tell us we’re leading the way, and we’re grateful to you, our readers, for helping us become and remain #1.

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Ausdroid honours all requests to comply with embargoes.

Ethics statement on Review Products

Ausdroid receives review units (phones, accessories, apps, etc) from many sources, which might include manufacturers directly, public relations firms, carriers, importers or units that we have purchased ourselves with Ausdroid funds, or with the reviewer’s own funds.

Our reviews will be about the device as we see it, there will be no positive or negative spin put on the review that can’t be backed up. The average period we have a review unit for is 2 weeks — this may be longer when agreed upon by both the member of Ausdroid and a representative of the company the device was sourced from.

If a review unit is sent to us in hopes that we’ll review it, we can choose whether or not we will review it. We do not accept every review request that we receive, for reasons of time, cost or conditions that we cannot meet.

On occasions, Ausdroid is provided review units and offered the opportunity to keep the review unit after the review is completed. Where this occurs, writers are required to notify Ausdroid’s directors of the offer, and the directors will decide what to do with the review unit — we may return it anyway, keep it and use it for a giveaway, a corporate device, or the reviewer may be permitted to keep the device. This will be disclosed in any review.

You can read our full editorial statement here, which covers all aspects of Ausdroid’s operations.

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