+ Tuesday November 12th, 2019

Smart Home and Wearables

Fossils Collider Hybrid Smartwatch now officially available for purchase in Australia (and elsewhere)

It seems yesterday’s leak of the Fossil’s Collider Hybrid Smartwatch was just a few hours early with the official listings going live on Fossils international sites, including Australia’s, late last night. The Collider will come in 3 colour and material variants including Smoke Stainless Steel, Black Silicon and Dark Brown …

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Rich Osterloh confirms Google’s commitment to the Wear OS platform and partners, first party hardware and user privacy

With Google announcing today that it has committed to buy Fitbit, Rick Osterloh took some time to address several 1000 pound gorillas in the Google wearable room. Google has long been accused of abandoning the Wear OS platform, not committing to their own hardware in the wearable space and of …

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