I recently wrote up about the experience changing to business grade networking hardware and why I won’t go back. While there’s plenty of users who may like higher end networking, there’s just as many who want a simple solution that just works. To answer this call, D-Link has dropped a new Mesh Wi-Fi system that’s got AI support to deliver everything you need in your home.

One design area that I know bothers a lot of people, is just how generic and, frankly ugly a lot of routers are. The Aquila Pro M30 is an AI supported, Wi-Fi 6 system that really does look slick.

Putting the marketing speak aside, there’s plenty to offer on this too with Gigabit WAN and four Gigabit LAN ports, Wi-Fi 6 (As mentioned) and five antennas that are designed to give you full coverage around your home, including upstairs if you have that space.

It carries high security standards including WPA3, parental controls (ideal if you’ve got curious kids or want to annoy your partner) and a separate guest network; your equipment and connection will be reasonably secure. Not a criticism of D-Link, just a fact of connected life that there’s always more you can do to protect yourself.

The Aquila Pro AI M30 is available in two pack ($399.95), or three packs ($549.95) — scalable at a later date if needed — to ensure even the biggest of homes can maximise coverage. With controls through the simple to use app, and capable of voice controls using either Alexa or Google Assistant, setting up, controlling and monitoring your network is easy too.

Developer: D-Link Corporation
Price: Free

D-Link has an AI Wi-Fi optimiser that cycles and selects the most optimal channel for each individual device. This will maximise wireless performance by improving signal quality and minimising interference with surrounding devices.

Finally, I’d like to tip my had to D-Link for continuing their environmental focus with the the Aquila Pro AI with the chassis made from PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) materials. Further, the box is made with 55% less ink, the ink used is 99% plant-based mineral oil free: Making it fully recyclable in most states.

We’ve requested access to a review unit to check it out first hand and will report back on the experience ASAP.