+ Thursday September 19th, 2019

Around the Home

Google’s Nest Hub Max is going on sale in Australia — here’s what to expect

Google’s newest smart home hardware – Nest Hub Max – goes on sale in Australia on Tuesday in charcoal or white colours for $349. It features a big 10-inch touchscreen, a new front-facing camera and big, booming sound, putting the Google Assistant on its largest display yet. The Nest Hub …

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Review: Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi Door-Window Sensor is a Simple Cost Effective Security Gadget

Mirabella is continuing to expand its range of low cost smart home devices, and one of the latest is a Wi-Fi enabled Door & Window Sensor that’s available for $25 at Kmart. This is not a complicated device. At its core what it does is detect whether a door or …

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Telstra $15 5GB Data Plan Perfect Budget Option for Low Data Tablet and Mobile Broadband Users

Telstra’s recent changes to how it charges for mobile plans has introduced a new $15 5GB Data Plan that is worth considering for low monthly data tablet and mobile broadband customers. It could be a great option for an elderly person who just wants to use the internet to read …

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Google drops to third place in worldwide smart speaker shipments, time for a refresh?

Let’s face it, Google Home was great in its time but has since been long surpassed by other manufacturers. While it is possible that Google just wanted to open up the space to Google Assistant before allowing other manufacturers such as Sony, JBL etc to take over manufacturing Google Assistant …

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Stan licences Paramount TV and Movies Including Star Trek: Aims To Live Long and Prosper Even If It Loses Disney Content

In a surprise move Stan has just announced a multi-year deal that lets them stream a wide range of Paramount TV and movie franchises such as Star Trek, Transformers, Mission Impossible movies and The Godfather trilogy. Some media industry commentators had been quick to claim that the upcoming launch of …

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